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The landscape of circular RNA expression in the human brain.

CircRNA expression data from Gokool et al. Biological psychiatry 2020 is available in a browsable format in the Zenbu genome browser.


CircRNA expression data is available in a browsable format in the Zenbu genome browser.


  • circRNAs from the three datasets DS1, DS2 and organoid cultures are displayed as separate tracks.

  • Each circRNA is displayed as a horisontal bar conecting the ends of the back splice junction.

  • Color-coding reflects the mean circRNA expression value across all samples (red: high expression, blue: low expression; Click on the "configure track" button to display the color legend ). Note that the color coding adaptively changes for each genomic window displayed.

  • Click on a circRNAs to display expression values in individual samples as a pop-up box.

  • General user instrcutions for Zenbu are avalable here.

  • Note that circRNAs in DS1 and DS2 were filtered for those present in a minimum of 5 samples. See the Methods section of Gokool et al. 2019 for full details of circRNA detection and filtering.

Robust Brain-expressed Enhancers

The Genome Browser Track displays human brain eRNA expression data from Yao et al (CAGE and RNA-seq) as well as FANTOM5 CAGE data and human human brain enhancer chromatin marks data from Zhu et al 2013 and Vermunt et al. 2014 in the Zenbu Genome Browser (Severin et al. 2014).

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